Year end report — MK betting yields $1.28 for $1. Blogging suspended until Del Mar begins July 22

For the last year, betting on this site yielded $1.28 for every $1 wagered or $126 per race

For the last year, betting on this site yielded $1.28 for every $1 wagered or $126 per race

On June 25, 2008, I began making maiden selections on this blog for sprint races on the Southern California Thoroughbred racing circuit. I started off with an imaginary $50,000 bankroll and wagered almost all of it on maiden races, but also played the Triple Crown series.

My immediate goal was to win my way to $100,000 by June 25, 2009, but about halfway through I could see that my goal was unrealistic unless I either drastically increased my wagers or the number of races I played.

I started out betting every maiden race throughout the week, but needed to take a break after Del Mar because I fell behind in my record keeping. When I came back for the Santa Anita meet, I continued betting as many races as time allowed, but shortly afterward cut back to weekends only.

For the year, I won 42 of the 133 races that I wagered on,  or 31.5 percent. I bet $59,715 and collected $76,495 for a profit of $16,780. My average race bet was $448 and my average payoff on the races I won was $1,821. Over the 133 races, I made $1.28 for every $1 bet for an average yield of $126 for each race wagered on.

I showed a profit in eight months — June 2008, July, August, September, December, January, March and April. And I lost money in three months — February, May and June 2009.

Right now, my databases are about four months behind and I need to catch up. So, I plan to spend the next few weeks updating my information so I can be ready for the Del Mar meet, which starts on July 22.

That means I won’t be blogging about Southern California maidens until opening day at Del Mar. Good luck, and I will talk to you then.

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