Internet searchers seek “Chantal Sutherland nude”

Megan Fox is the most searched woman on Chickipedia

Megan Fox is the most searched woman on Chickipedia

Everyone, it seems, wants to see jockey Chantal Sutherland nude.

I know this because every weekend that the TV show “Jockeys” airs on Animal Planet, I get a surge of Internet traffic from people who type the entries “Chantal Sutherland” and “Chantal Sutherland nude” into Google or other search engines. Maiden King stories appear on search sites and Sutherland seekers get here by clicking on either a You Tube interview with Sutherland that appeared here, or a couple of MK posts telling of winning maidens that Sutherland rode.

It must be very disappointing when searchers seeking nudes arrive on Maiden King because in all cases, Sutherland is fully clothed.

Sorry dudes, no nudes.

I’ve only watched “Jockeys” the first night that it began on Feb. 6, but I am certain that the producers are focusing lots of attention on Sutherland, who was voted one of People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People.

Whatever angle they are taking, it must be working because readers are interested in Sutherland like no other jockey in Southern California. And, although she is riding a respectable 13 percent winners from her mounts, it can’t be because of her performance on the racetrack.

Of the 50 search terms listed on this site by WordPress — mostly names of trainers, jockeys, horses and racing personalities —  the second most frequently used term is “Chantal Sutherland nude.” Elisha Cuthbert, whose photo was used one slow day, is the most searched and the third most searched term is “Chantal Sutherland.” But together, Sutherland has more searches than Cuthbert.

Cuthbert, an actress, is the 34th most widely searched woman on Chickipedia for 2008, so she has a large following already.

All this information arrives from WordPress when you have one of these blogs. Wordpress compiles statistics that tell which posts were clicked on the most for the day, week, month, year and all time. Also, it tells which search engine readers used to find your blog, and what terms they typed to get there.

The only reason Maiden King comes up for people searching for “Chantal Sutherland nude” is because on the day a story ran about Sutherland riding a winner, the “SPORTSbyBROOKS” website on my sidebar had news tellling that girls would be nude in the 2009 Lingerie Bowl. So the search engine picked up the three words: Chantal+Sutherland+Nude.

Anyway, I just wanted to make it clear: Yes, we have pictures of  Chantal Sutherland, but just not nude ones.

This just isn’t that kind of a website.

2 Responses to “Internet searchers seek “Chantal Sutherland nude””

  1. LASIX KING Says:

    do you know anything about maidens on LASIX?

  2. grm 49er Says:

    lasix is a injection to prevent bleeding for horses, maiden is a horse who never won a race

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