Eastward Ho

ACY_HILT-exter-1[1]With airlines competing for passengers, I was able to get a ticket from Las Vegas to Philadelphia for just $99. I figured why should I pay $175 for a direct flight to Boston when I can land in Philly, hit Atlantic City for a day then then drive up the Jersey Shore to Monmouth Park.

monmouth-park[1]So, on Thursday that’s what I’m going to do. After Monmouth, I’ll loop around and possibly check out some Jersey Shore beach towns before catching a Saturday evening flight from Philadelphia to Boston, which was only $59.

On Aug. 29, I am hoping to be at Saratoga’s Travers Stakes.

Since I won’t be in Las Vegas, I won’t be blogging about maidens from Del Mar for a couple of weeks. But I will try to put up some photos of anything interesting I might come across.

Horse gets a bath in saddling area at Saratoga.

Horse gets a bath in saddling area at Saratoga.

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