Facial fractures may keep Baze out of saddle 3-to-8 weeks

Tyler Baze, who was hurt when his mount Night Justice reared at the gate July 24, remained at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla Sunday with orbital fractures around his eye and a broken nose.

Dr. Jeff Umansky, who worked on similar injures suffered by jockey Rafael Bejarano last July, said that Baze may need surgery after the swelling goes down, according to the BloodHorse.  When Night Justice reared, Baze’s face slammed into the back of the horse’s head and the horse stepped on Baze’s calf before running off.

Baze was taken by ambulance to the hospital on Saturday and after the races Bejarano came to support Baze.

“Rafael was holding Tyler’s hand and he had his other hand on Tyler’s forehead,” Baze’s agent Vic Stauffer told the BloodHorse. “When bleeding from Tyler’s broken nose would develop, Rafael would take a tissue and wipe it away. It was amazing; he got Tyler to become much more comfortable with the situation.”


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