Results, Santa Anita Sunday Race 7 — lost $350

Did jockey David Flores cost I Can Hear the race?

Did jockey David Flores cost I Can Hear the race?

Entering the stretch, #7 I Can Hear appeared to be in an excellent outside rallying position. But for some reason, jockey David Flores ducked this debuter to the inside where she sat between the weakening #6 Irish Pepper and #3 Gifted Gina. They were all trying to catch #4 High Note, who was 2-1/2 lengths ahead.

I Can Hear kicked in with a late burst and almost got the money up the inside, missing by a half a length. 

But it just seems to me that Flores made a mistake by not rallying on the outside, because I think I Can Hear would have been better able to concentrate on running hard if she wasn’t surrounded by other horses.

My wagers were $250 on I Can Hear at 7-to-2 and $100 on #2 Bell Canyon Road at 13-to-1.

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2 1 Bell Canyon Road (CA) Olguin G Abrams B 13.90 6
3 2 Gifted Gina (CA) Delgadillo A Periban J 10.10 3
4 3 High Note (CA) Solis A Hendricks D 1.60 1
5 4 Ruby Slippers (CA) Arambula P Vargas J 63.70 7
6 5 Irish Pepper (CA) Gomez G Sadler J 2.40 4
7 6 I Can Hear (CA) Flores D Cassidy J 3.50 2
8 7 Favoloso (CA) Rosario J Yakteen T 9.60 5
9 8 Champagneforchelle (CA) Enriquez I Lewis G 40.40 8
SCR Suances Sweetheart (CA) Bejarano R Vienna D
Pgm Win Place Show
4 $5.20 $3.00 $2.60
7 $4.20 $3.40
3 $4.60
Exotic Payoffs
$1.00 Consolation Pick 3 paid $11.

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