Results, Santa Anita Sunday Race 10 — won $1,750

imgres2Some trainers know the betting tendencies of the public and they use the information to help get prices on their horses.

In the April 19 Daily Racing Form Simulcast Weekly, Darrell Vienna was the profiled trainer. In a chart labeled “Vital Statistics,” Vienna’s training numbers were broken down into 37 categories. And Vienna had long-term money making statistics in 18 of the 25 categories that showed him with 10 starters or more.

In the body of the story, it hinted that one reason Vienna’s horses pay so well is that he works his runners out on the deeper dirt surface of the Santa Anita training track rather than the main track that most use. The horses get fit, but their times are slow, which may cause bettors to stay away.

On Sunday, Vienna brought #3 Chic Chick off a nine-month layoff to win the tenth race. This 5-year-old mare had run decently versus maiden special weight company last year and was now dropping into $25,000 maiden claiming, yet she still paid $9.

The public, in general, doesn’t like risking their money on horses that were laid off for long stretches. And I’m sure they like these comebackers even less if their workouts are all slow or nondescript.

Sunday’s race by Chic Chick was only a race until midstretch when jockey Joel Rosario found a seam and, as race caller Trevor Denman enthusiastically described, “exploded thorough on the inside.” 

Chic Chick then pulled away from the pack and closed out the meet in style.

I bet $500 on #3 Chic Chick and was prepared to bet $200 on #7 Hannah’s Moment, but she was bet below my minimum 3/1 price. I collected $2,250 and profited $1,750. 

To watch a replay of this race, go to

1 1 Christy’s Bullet (CA) Solis A Dominguez C 2.50 2
3 2 Chic Chick (CA) Rosario J Vienna D 3.50 1
4 3 Judge in the West (CA) Baze T Schiewe P 13.80 5
5 4 A Fine Time (KY) Talamo J Robbins J 24.00 8
6 5 Classic Demand (CA) Garcia M Eurton P 5.10 3
7 6 Hannah’s Moment (CA) Bejarano R Periban J 2.90 4
11 7 Girl of Mine (CA) Rios J Knapp S 10.50 7
12 8 She’s a Single (CA) Sorenson D Bernstein D 14.00 6
SCR Cee’s Harmony (CA)    
SCR Sister Lucy (CA)    
SCR Ms Honkytonk Woman (CA) Martin G Shidaker D
SCR Ata Honour (KY) Gryder A Burnison E
Pgm Win Place Show
3 $9.00 $4.40 $3.20
1 $3.60 $2.80
6 $4.00
Exotic Payoffs
$1.00 Consolation Pick 3 paid $11.90

Results, Santa Anita Saturday Race 3 — won $910

dollar-signsFor a few seconds, it looked like #11 River Spey was going to run away with this race. Jockey Tyler Baze, who was riding #8 Smokin Anne, was right where he was supposed to be on the backstretch: with a clear lead.

But on the turn, #11 River Spey rolled up beside Smokin Anne with hardly any encouragement from Jockey Jose Valdivia. Even the tone in race caller Trevor Denman’s voice showed that he was impressed as he said “River Spey goes right on by. River Spey the leader.” 

Smokin Anne stayed on the rail, though, and found another gear. And for some unknown reason, River Spey faded fast in the stretch.

I bet $350 on Smokin Anne and collected $1,260 when she paid $7.20.

To watch a replay of this race, go to

2 1 Sampaquita (CA) Garcia M Piccioni G 61.30 5
3 2 Lola Rastaquaire (CA) Stra K Dupuis J 15.20 8
4 3 Girl of Mine (CA) Rios J Knapp S 51.90 3
5 4 Sweet Little Girl (CA) Enriquez I Anderson E 99.90 9
6 5 Hannah’s Moment (CA) Bejarano R Periban J 2.10 2
7 6 Shezbad (CA) Quinonez A Gutierrez J 11.50 7
8 7 Smokin Anne (KY) Baze T Hess, Jr. R 2.60 1
9 8 This Is My Song (CA) Martin G Shidaker D 97.80 10
10 9 Justalittletipsy (FL) Rosario J Miller P 7.60 4
11 10 River Spey (CA) Valdivia, Jr. J Puype M 2.70 6
12 11 Lifetime Friend (KY) Sorenson D Bell, II T 75.30 11
SCR Gilded Treasure (CA)    
SCR Secret Potion (CA)    
SCR Ata Honour (KY)    
Pgm Win Place Show
8 $7.20 $3.80 $3.40
6 $3.40 $3.00
4 $12.80
Exotic Payoffs
$1.00 Exacta paid $10.00 (8-6)
$1.00 Pick 3 paid $83.20 (7-4-8)
$1.00 Superfecta

Results, Santa Anita Thursday Race 4 — lost $200

Jockey Jordan Springer, who was based in Tampa, got her first Santa Anita winner Thursday on #8 Tavern

Jockey Jordan Springer, who was based in Tampa, got her first Santa Anita winner Thursday on #8 Tavern

The favorite #4 White Lace Jimmy was hammered to the unbettable price of 3/2, but he almost got there with a late burst that brought him to within a neck of the winning horse.

But first-time starter #8 Tavern, at 24-to-1, held off White Lace Jimmy to give female jockey Jordan Springer, 31,  her first victory at Santa Anita. Springer began riding at Churchill Downs in 2004 and booted home her first winner at Tampa Bay Downs in January 2005.

I bet $200 on another debuter in the race #5 Llamada Perdida who went off at 16-to-1. But I heard this horse’s name called only one time throughout the race. As track announcer Trevor Denman was rattling off horses on the backstretch, he commented “and last by a long, long way is Llamada Perdida.”

I guess that’s why people don’t like betting first timers because you can be out of the race quickly, without ever getting a run for your money.

To watch a replay of this race, go to 

1 1 Prince Novetti (KY) Potts C Bell, II T 9.60 5
2 2 Up a Lazy River (TX) Nakatani C Moreno H 33.50 8
3 3 Leopard Creek (KY) Pedroza M Greely C 25.70 7
4 4 White Lace Jimmy (KY) Enriquez I Matlow R 1.50 2
5 5 Llamada Perdida (CA) Delgadillo A Garcia V 16.70 9
6 6 Fair the Storm (CA) Sorenson D Bacorn H 92.80 2
7 7 Lahcotah (FL) Rosario J Paasch C 1.90 4
8 8 Tavern (CA) Springer J Hess, Jr. R 24.30 1
9 9 Kalookan Boxer (CA) Linares M Bean R 116.30 10
10 10 Reckless Capote (KY) Gryder A Lopez J 5.00 6
Pgm Win Place Show
8 $50.60 $11.00 $6.00
6 $30.80 $18.20
4 $2.40 $2.80
Exotic Payoffs
$1.00 Exacta paid $36.30 (8-4)
$1.00 Exacta paid $627.60 (8-6)
$1.00 Pick 3 paid $231.60 (6-5-8)
$1.00 Pick 4 paid $986.80 (1-6-5-8)
$1.00 Superfecta paid $19333.50 (8-4-6-7)
$1.00 Superfecta paid $34523.60 (8-6-4-7)
$1.00 Trifecta paid $1266.10 (8-4-6)
$1.00 Trifecta paid $1736.70 (8-6-4)
$2.00 Daily Double paid $227.60 (5-8)
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