Saturday, Santa Anita Race 9 — 4:30 pm post time


Maiden King conquers So. Cal. maiden races

Maiden King conquers So. Cal. maiden races

Maiden Claiming 32K, 5.5 furlongs, 2 yo’s

Possible overlays                 Morning line

#2 Dial Four Peace                        8/5

#6 Joe Carl                                       12/1

#8 Day with Desi                             8/1

#9 Silent Trick                                 12/1

The two established speed horses are #2 Dial Four Peace and #8 Day with Desi, while first-time starters with potential include #6 Joe Carl and #9 Silent Trick.

Day with Desi is adding blinkers and might show more courage this time, but the odds on #2 Dial Four Peace are almost certainly to be too low to bet. 

I will put $200 on #8 Day with Desi at 5/1 or more and the same amount on both #6 Joe Carl and #9 Silent Trick as long as their post time odds fall into the 10/1 to 19/1 range.

Saturday, Santa Anita Race 6 — 3 p.m. post time


Maiden King conquers So. Cal. maiden races

Maiden King conquers So. Cal. maiden races

Maiden Claiming $32K, 5.5 furlongs, 2 yo’s.

Possible overlays                  Morning line

#3 Student Prince                        15/1

#5 Naughty Nine                          6/1

#10 Rochelle’s Jimmy                5/2

This race has a 10-horse field that includes six first-time starters and two second-timers that were both beaten by 10 lengths in their debuts. The speed is #10 Rochelle’s Jimmy, who has gotten loose on the lead in his last two races, which were against fields of 12 and 14 horses.

I will bet $200 on first time starters #3 Student Prince and #5 Naughty Nine, only if they go off at post time odds of 10/1 to 19/1. Also, if Rochelle’s Jimmy is 3/1 or more, I want $300 to win on him, too.

Saturday, Santa Anita Race 3 — 1:30 pm post time


Maiden King conquers So. Cal. maiden races

Maiden King conquers So. Cal. maiden races

Maiden Special Weight, 6.5 furlongs, 3-yo’s and up

Possible overlays                          Morning line

#3 Eagle Strike                                    4/1


Not really a huge fan of these MSW races for older horses because I can’t seem to dig out any profitable angles from them. However, I continue to keep records on them and therefore I can see that some of the horses who figure to be bet have run weak Beyer Speed Figures.  For example, the adjusted median Beyer for this type of race is a 93 and the 5/2 morning line favorite #2 Cajun Gent has never run better than an 82 in his four races. Also, #4 Star Time (4/1 ML) is another who looks like he’ll be dropping into maiden claiming in 2009, as he hasn’t broken an 85 Beyer in his last six races.  

Jockey Garrett Gomez is scheduled to ride #3 Eagle Strike and he and trainer Bobby Frankel are 12 of 28, or 43 percent, when they’ve teamed up at Santa Anita. Eagle Strike is coming off a 15-month layoff, but he ran a 77 Beyer at Belmont Park in Sept. 2007, finishing just a half a length behind Da’Tara, who went on to win the Belmont Stakes.

My thinking is that if Eagle Strike can run a 77 as a 2-year-old then 15 months later it’s not unreasonable to think he can run in the low 90s. Finally, Frankel is 28 percent off a layoff of more than six months.

Also, two Kentucky-bred first time starters, #5 King of California and #7 Temple City, may run huge races.

But I’m sticking with #3 Eagle Strike and will wager $300 to win on him at odds of 3/1 or more.

Results Santa Anita Friday Race 9 — lost $250

jockey-paddock-area-by-aceoutwide1201Wagered $250 on the Clifford Sise-trainee Kinky Rule, who was #9, and he led for most of the race, but weakened in the stretch. The winner, #5 Squire Trelawny was one of a group of four contenders that I had my eye on, but he was over bet, I believe, at 3/1. 

To watch a replay of this race, go to

2 1 Quiet Revolution (ON) Vergara O Reviriego J 36.90 7
3 2 Cubs Molina (CA) Molina L Molina M 53.50 6
4 3 Court Rule (CA) Potts C Stein R 68.70 11
5 4 Squire Trelawny (CA) Bejarano R Periban J 3.40 1
6 5 Midnight Corredor (KY) Rosario J Hess, Jr. R 4.90 10
7 6 Warren’s Cat Time (CA) Pedroza M Gutierrez J 34.70 9
8 7 Mystification (CA) Talamo J Lewis L 10.40 2
9 8 Kinky Rule (CA) Nakatani C Sise, Jr. C 2.00 4
10 9 Cally I Yie Yie (CA) Stra K Rafaeli U 122.70 12
12 10 Delicato (KY) Baze M Fanning J 8.60 8
13 11 Six Pack Man (KY) Solis A Puype M 5.10 5
14 12 Whizer (CA) Linares M Bradvica L 73.30 3
SCR Mort Robbins (CA)    
SCR Cee’s the Answer (CA)    
Pgm Win Place Show
5 $8.80 $4.40 $3.60
8 $8.40 $6.00
14 $18.20
Exotic Payoffs
$1.00 Exacta paid $36.70 (5-8)
$1.00 Pick 3 paid $100.80 (12-3-5)
$1.00 Pick 4 paid $772.90 (12-1/4/10/12/13-3-5)

Results Santa Anita Friday Race 3 — lost $750

jockey-paddock-area-by-aceoutwide120Ended up betting $300 to win on #2 Unionize, who finished second at 15/1 and $450 on #4 Infernal at 3/1. These horses were beaten by Point Encounter, a low-odds first time starter, which I consider one of the worst long-term bets in maiden racing.  Point Encounter made his backers look like geniuses today, though.

To watch a replay of this race, go to

1 1 Valkyrie Missile (KY) Nakatani C Puype M 22.00 3
2 2 Unionize (KY) Flores D Sise, Jr. C 15.90 2
3 3 Surprise Minister (KY) Court J Green J 11.00 5
4 4 Infernal (KY) Baze M Dollase C 3.10 4
5 5 Mi Forest Amor (KY) Potts C Capestro P 37.50 8
6 6 Point Encounter (KY) Smith M Gaines C 1.30 1
8 7 Pemba At U. T. K. (CA) Rodriguez A Ho H 96.30 7
9 8 Tevez the Tiger (KY) Bejarano R Harty E 2.40 6
SCR Pauper’s Prize (FL) Gomez G Cerin V
Pgm Win Place Show
6 $4.60 $4.00 $3.20
2 $10.80 $6.40
1 $5.80
Exotic Payoffs
$1.00 Exacta paid $20.80 (6-2)
$1.00 Pick 3 paid $168.00 (3-3-6)
$1.00 Superfecta paid $565.80 (6-2-1-4)
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